Here is how I made custom full size sun screens for the passenger doors on my '08 Honda Pilot.

Some back story. I have seen screens that stretch to maybe the size of my windows, but they had mixed reviews and my wife didn't like the way they looked. I found a shop out of the UK that makes full size screens for a hand full of makes and models that look nice but they didn't make them for the Pilot and were not interested in making me a one off set. They are the inspiration for my project.

Maybe this can be an inspiration for you. Please take all safety precautions while making the screens and the long term safety in your vehicle.

Step 1: Parts and Tools

For the frame I first looked at carbon fiber rods but settled for 1/8" steel rods (image #1).

I am working with four corners with near 90 degree angles and straight sides so I don't need to worry about strange curves or triangles. In my meanderings in the hardware isle I decided to use 3/16" brass round tube to make elbows for my corners (image #2). The steel rods slide right in with some wiggle room. I found the tubes in one of the Hobby & Project drawers in the hardware isle (image #3). I guess I could have just soldered the steel rods but then I would have had to work out all the angles just right. It would have been nice to have a 3D printer for this but maybe next time.

The best screen that I could find at the time was labeled as Ultra Sun Block (image #4).

You will see later that I use needle and thread to fix the screen to the frame. No image here for those. You will have to use your imagination.

Mounting the assembled screen to the vehicle door needs to be done with some consideration. You don't want it to rattle when you are driving down the highway but you also don't want it to be too cumbersome to remove in the case of an emergency. I modified 1"x1" mounting bases (image #5) for use in my scenario without the use of zip ties.

Parts list for both passenger doors:
6x 1/8"x3' Steel rods (the ones painted blue on the end)
3X 3/16"x6" Brass Round Tube
1x 36"x84" Sun Guard 90 screen
4x 1"x1" Mounting Bases

Eye and Ear protection
Measuring tape
Carpenters square
Dremel with metal cutting dics
Utility Knife
Needle Nose pliers
Needle and thick black thread
Nice, I will try this for my grandchildren. Regarding the bending of the tubes: I would fill with water, freeze, then bend. Or am I missing something?
My boyfriend just got a truck that is literally ALL WINDOWS! This will be the perfect sunshade for our adventures.

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