Don't even touch me. If you do that, I cannot stop. I am always energetic and excited, cause I am

Passionate Insect. Up and down... Up and down...ohoh...stop!

Step 1: Something You Need...

1. vibrating motor

2.A digital push button

3. power board of 4-claying kit

4. MicroUSB battery holder

5.colorful clay

6.a small box

ps: put the vibrating motor on the back of the inset

This is actually fun and cute. Not sure why he chose this topic as his skills would be better served elsewhere.
<p>Thank you for your advice. yeah , ''cute insect '' will be better ^^</p>
<p>Cute!</p><p>A little more description of how you put this all together would be great, but the good photos give a general idea. For you next project, take a look at these tips:</p><p><a href="" target="_blank">How to write an instructable</a></p><p>Can't wait to see what you make next!</p>
<p>Thank you for your advice, I will give more description of my next project.</p><p>Actually i have another cute insect, i am considering to post it. hoho~~</p>

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