This is a design I put together for an iPhone passive amplifier.  Here is the process I used to create the model in Solidworks.  This process could be done just as well in Sketchup, Inventor, or Autodesk 123D.

Here is a video of the passive amplifier doing it's thing.

Step 1:

The first step was to make a box that would represent the 'dock' area for the phone to sit.  I made a simple box, then added a pocket with a slight angle for the phone to rest against.  This pocket was made slightly larger than the phone with a case installed on it.
Hey buddy, this is awsome work! Im currently drawing this piece of art and i really want the horn to fit perfectly the first time I build it. Would you mind sending the cad?
<p>Ive been considering this idea for a while now except now i see it working. Great job.</p>
<p>Looks good. I like how the design process led to a shape that looks like the mutant child of a grand piano and a tuba.</p>
How do you modify the bicycle horn?
Very nicely done, I will order one as well even though I've got 4-5 around here already. It's hard to find the one that is exactly what I want to hear & size etc., love the detail in the design can't wait to check it out if it's still available I love gadgets & music so this will be a great experience!
Thank you, My wife is selling them at IgorIndustries.com It was just a fun project for me. I was sharing the way I created the file on here to enter the 3D Modeling Contest being held.
YOUR WELCOME.....I will DEFINITELY buy one, and I will DEFINITELY vote for you.....hope you win good luck

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