Password Protected System



Introduction: Password Protected System

Password protected system is an important project. This idea can be used in any inventory purpose, where the system will be secured by password.

Here I'll show you how to construct it.

Materials Required:

  • Keypad
  • Breadboard
  • Jumper wire
  • Power supply
  • 4 different colour led
  • Buzzer

Step 1: Assemble the Circuit

In keypad there are 7 pin.

In this 7 pin, 4 are used for row section and 3 are used for column section.

Here I connect the 4 row pin to Arduino UNO's digital pin 2,3 ,4,5 and connect the column pin to Arduino UNO's digital pin 6,7,8.

I also used a buzzer and some different colour LED.

If any one give wrong password or press # the buzzer will beep; otherwise it will on for * only.

The * key here I'm using for initializing the pass key state, and four LED individually ON for when 4 specific key will be pressed one by one . If the inserted pass key is correct the four LED will blink at a time.

Step 2: Upload the Code Security Locker

Upload the ino file to your Arduino board.

Step 3: Let's Check It

Press the keypad's key and check it , whether it is working or not as per command.

If its not working check the connection.

Hope you like this Project.



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