Password a Usb Drive With Out Encryption With a Batch File





Introduction: Password a Usb Drive With Out Encryption With a Batch File

a program that will not let a user in a drive without
a password and will show a owner file that you can change at will
this will show you how to use the program I have made with ease

Step 1: Step 1

download the file at the bottom of this page i recomend you use jzip but any extractor will work

Step 2: Extraction

extract all files to the destop
a folder pops up called extraction folders

Step 3: Click on the Install Program and Have It Walk You Through The

Click on the install program and have it walk you through the install, make sure you have the drive plugged it

Step 4: Almost There

when it is finished then check the drive to see if all the files were copied there

Step 5: Set Password

the default password i have made is onewordcode this is because the code will only work if it is one word like bob or howie or even yankiedoolittle u need to change it to something you can rember ill use bob and after you change it make sure you save by going to file save or it wont take effect
I.E. for all you people out there who don't get it you cannot do a pw as bob colsen NO 2 WORDS ONLY 1

Step 6: Inter Your Information

Right click on the "lost.bat" and click edit and change the information to what best suits you
you can add or take out lines to add type echo before the line of text


Step 7: Almost Done

ok almost done here now we change the name click on the autorun and open it.
a notepad will pop up with what looks like gibberish (to the average home user) where it says "label" and then "Jumpy" change the name "jumpy" to what ever you want and save it

Step 8: Finished

ok good job you now have a cool program that protects your flashdrive good luck with it
also please read the README in the zip file have fun and keep on programing
also for some of these changes to take effect you must remove and plug in the drive for them to have full effect

leave comments please this is my first instructable and i would like some feed back



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    There are several ways to hack in to the program. Right click, click edit and look for the password. You can even change the password from notepad. You can change that by converting the file from a batch to an executable. There are free software you can do this with. Advanced bat to exe converter v2.75 is a good one. for inquiries for my program go to contact page.

    Sorry, but there a few ways to bypass this program. I create a lot of programs myself, and I know this is not very secure, unless the person trying to get into your flash drive is not very good with computers. But I do like this, and am putting on my flash drive that actually has Slax installed on it! I find Slax to be a very good "pocket operating system." Thanks for sharing your Instructable, by the way.

    All you have to do is right click and click explore and it loads it

    This is useless and gives a false sense of security, under Vista just click 'open files to view folders' ....

    how do i get it off my usb drive?

    just go through and delete all the files it uploaded onto it

    this is cool
    After finding it works on Windows, I made an AppleScript on my Macintosh to display owner information in a series of dialog boxes (I know how to create dialog boxes in AppleScript).

    well this batch is incomplete...otherwise its cool

    wow, this is pretty neat, if not a little over my head.
    BTW: I figured out how to protect your files in a way that is both simpler and easier:
    1. Make a new folder and name it whatever you want(make sure you can remember it)
    2. move the files you want to hide into the folder
    3. right click on the folder and go properties>attributes>hidden and check the box
    4. it will ask if you want the subfolders & files to bwe hidden as well. select "this folder only"
    OPTIONAL: place that folder in another hidden folder for multiple layers

    To access the file, go to the page where the file is and type the extension in the above bar. Even if you can't see it, you can still access it through this method