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Every year I come up with a couple of costumes for anime expo, Halloween and etc-and I try to get better as I do projects. Here is a slideshow of some of my costumes-I'll have to add my Queen-of-hearts one for this year as soon as I take a picture. I am always trying to learn to do new kinds of crafts and new kinds of techniques for costume making-so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!


Aggressiv (author)2012-01-21

Hi! I'm in love with the deku
scrub and I am bursting at the seems with
ideas. I was just wondering how you got
the head so perfect? Like did you make it out of
cardboard then poster paper on top and finally paint?
I'm really curious on how you made it cuz I'll probably
End up cosplaying the same thing haha. Would you be
Willing to post a step by step on the head? Just in the
Comments would be fine. Much appreciated!

kiffakitty (author)Aggressiv2013-02-11

Sorry for the late reply. Yes that is essentially it. I got the pattern from a papercraft website and resized it. The costume has been fixed up after it got damaged when our garage was flooded with water a few years ago. I have since then made the leaves out of foam and have reinforce the inside with expandable foam insulation. Oh and I replaced the eyes with spray painted plastic Christmas ornaments. Here is a picture of what it currently looks like:

plugable (author)2010-11-10

I love the deku one.. Simply outstanding.

aramanthe (author)2010-10-25

I love the greyscale one, it's gorgeous! I'm also jealous of the Haunter and the Yoshi. :D

D00M99 (author)2010-10-23

I love the idea of having fake legs hang off the Yoshi. Awesomness!!!

Drought_Winter (author)2010-10-23

Deku shrub, for the win

Vladimyr (author)2010-10-22

Your costumes are fantastic and very fun. Keep doing it! I love to make costumes as well but typically don't find time to make them for myself these days. The kids are always well dressed for Halloween though!

kiffakitty (author)Vladimyr2010-10-22


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