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Introduction: Past Projects/Pre Instructables...

I wish I would have found Instructables two or three years ago. I could have contributed a heck of a lot more. With my recent move inevitable I have decided to collect some pictures of past projects at my current house and post them.

List of projects shown:
Shelving from reclaimed wood.
Privacy fence with best gate ever made from fence material and custom latch with kid safe locks.
Tabletop trebuchet.
Modified Revo (mostly modded from tips found at forums and Traxas web site).
Custom air boat made from "Swap Buggy" kit.
Stripped and repainted swing set with new rubberized grips on slide and refurbished wood swing.
Tiki style mask wall hangings.
Bathroom hutch with glass doors.
Reclaim an old rug for working under vehicles.
Band saw stand.
Chop saw stand with cutout and mount for router.
Reclaimed bathroom light for over work benches.
And one of my favorites... My shop and my benches that I built from reclaimed wood, WALL TO WALL.
Custom built in entertainment center (I actually built a new wall and wired this AWESOME beast).

There are a few more things I will post after I take some more pictures, but this is about half of what I have done in the last year or so. Please feel free to ask questions and advice if you are thinking of doing any of these projects. I did most from my head and built the entertainment center to the room. It came out really nice and I hate to leave it but life goes on. I might have pdf files of the rough plans still laying around if anyone is interested. Thanks for checking these out.



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    hah i have the same tv and vcr as you!

    Wish i could say the same, i do have one of those DVD players though o.O

    Ha ha ha, thanks for checking all my projects out!

    Ha ha ha, so do I, no really I do.

    can you tell me, how deep is your entertainment center into the wall? I have a giant walk in closet that shares the backside of my entertainment center wall, and frankly, I would be willing to give up some space in it to have a built in like you did. ( btw, it i s stunningly beautiful... I was in awe of it...nicely done)

    I like the Tiki heads, I am going to make those.

    Thanks for checking my old projects out. Those took about a day to make, start to finish. The hard part is not routing to much and coming out with a cool design. Definitely use a router if you can for the large parts. At the time I didn't have one so I used the Dremel with the plunger attachment. It works good for the small sections and detail but it'll sink in on you if you don't keep the edge up. I don't remember which one but one of these has wood putty in part of the depression that I had to go back over with the Dremel because it sunk in and gouged a nice line. You can't tell but still, something to watch out for.