Step 6: Optional Project

I placed stick on foam shapes onto a plastic pressure pad and ran it thru the pasta machine.  I used the rubber backing pad and 110 pound paper.

Taking the same foam shape, I stuck one on a  wood block to create an ink stamp.
Using an inkpad, I loaded ink onto the foam shape and transferred the image onto the embossed sheet.
<p>Cool pasta machine...</p>
<p>Next time I see a pasta machine at a flea market I'm getting one. :D<br>Thanks for sharing</p>
A pasta machine is a good tool to add to a collection. I have a second one to run my clay.<br><br>Take care
This is brilliant!
Thank you
This is so smart!
Thank you
Great idea! I love embossing but refuse to pay the price for machine.
thank you for the nice comment

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