A simple no mayo pasta salad that uses Italian dressing instead.

Step 1: Ingredients

First gather your ingredients:
1 lb pasta (any will do I prefer radiatori, or fusilli)
1 cup Italian dressing
Any of the following add ins
Frozen peas, Diced Tomatoes
Corn, Green beans
Mushrooms, Broccolli
Artichoke hearts, cauliflower
Basically any thing you like or have.
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tip: to cool the pasta you can wash it in cold water You can add also tuna , basil if you don't like vinegar (like me) you can wash dressing and use olive oil Ciao
i want to thank you for this recipemy 9 yr old daughter loves helping me make this recipe for she is a fussy little girl who doesnt like anything on her pasta so this recipe is great for her.
This looks delicious, thanks! I second the idea to use pesto, if you have it around.
pesto! pesto is a must-have in pasta salad, imo.

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