Picture of Pasta Salad
A simple no mayo pasta salad that uses Italian dressing instead.

Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
First gather your ingredients:
1 lb pasta (any will do I prefer radiatori, or fusilli)
1 cup Italian dressing
Any of the following add ins
Frozen peas, Diced Tomatoes
Corn, Green beans
Mushrooms, Broccolli
Artichoke hearts, cauliflower
Basically any thing you like or have.
alessiof766 years ago
tip: to cool the pasta you can wash it in cold water You can add also tuna , basil if you don't like vinegar (like me) you can wash dressing and use olive oil Ciao
i want to thank you for this recipemy 9 yr old daughter loves helping me make this recipe for she is a fussy little girl who doesnt like anything on her pasta so this recipe is great for her.
H4T7 years ago
This looks delicious, thanks! I second the idea to use pesto, if you have it around.
pesto! pesto is a must-have in pasta salad, imo.