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About: Hi everyone! My name is Carolyn, I am going to be a college freshman this fall, studying animation and illustrations. I am a Disney and Pixar fanatic and I love art so much as well as DIY's and such! I'm als...

This was a piece I did last year. Mind you I was experimenting with coloring it in on the computer, so it does have a few rough area's. I also wish I had drawn the eye a bit better, but overall I really like how the style of it turned out. This is a but different for though, because I like more the Tim Burton inspired art.
I would love your feedback and if you have any advice for me, that would be great!



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    Oh my goodness. I haven't seen this is awhile. No actually. Copic and prismacolor markers. But this is from highschool. I'm studying art now in college.