Introduction: Pastel Rainbow Friendship Bracelet

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Learn how to make this cute and summery friendship bracelet! Obviously it doesn't have to made in pastel colours, or even in rainbow, but I just love pastel rainbows!!

Step 1: The Pattern

Picture of The Pattern

This is the important part of the tutorial: the pattern itself. The arrows indicate which direction the knot needs to go. To the right means a forward knot and to the left is a backwards knot. More is explained in my video tutorial :)

Link to the pattern:

Step 2: Video Tutorial

And here is the step by step of the friendship bracelet! I wear this bracelet everyday. I love it so much!!


Pvris16 (author)2015-12-23

I cant see the video ?

diys4you (author)2015-09-29

your hair is goals okay

LyraS (author)2015-09-28

I don't see the video. ?

Coolloom (author)2015-06-09

I like your hair streaks a lot

Thanks!! :D

Joseph Kamal (author)2015-06-11

i like it too

Thank you very much :)

Coolloom (author)2015-06-13


Thank you :)

thundrepance (author)2015-06-14

wow! you got my vote :^D

Thank you so much!

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