Picture of Pastelitos de Guayaba (Guava Pastries)
Very easy, simple, and quick recipe, which I used to enjoy with the Cuban/ Spanish half of my family during holidays! The only ingredient you might not be familiar with is guava paste, but it is easier to find than you think-- it was right in the Hispanic section of my local grocery store.

Adapted from: http://forfood.rezimo.com/2009/05/guava-pastries-pastelitos-de-guayaba-recipe/

Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
1 200 gram package cream cheese
1 tbs milk
1/4 teaspoon lemon juice
1/8 cup sugar
1 egg
1 tbs water
1/4 tin goya guava paste
1.5 packages puff pastry dough
soul_eater3 years ago
This soun delicious im gona tryhis in the weekend
ectadie (author)  soul_eater3 years ago
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scoochmaroo3 years ago
Simple, beautiful, I love it!
ectadie (author)  scoochmaroo3 years ago
Thanks so much!
I've never seen guava paste before! Awesome :)
ectadie (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 years ago