Introduction: Patch Bay Key Holder

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This is a key holder I made from an old patch bay. The key chains are made from various cable ends. Everything was made from scrap materials. This was a wedding gift for my brother.

Step 1: Plywood Box

Picture of Plywood Box

I didn't take many pictures but basically I made a box to secure the patch bay to a piece of plywood.

Step 2: Key Chains

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These are pretty quick and easy to make. I made these from various plugs. I had about 6 different kinds but most of them were too bulky to have on a key loop.

Step 3: Trim and Paint

Picture of Trim and Paint

I trimmed this all with trim left over from another project I finished. Painted with acrylic paint for a nice finish. Lastly I added hooks for purses and jackets. It came out pretty good and my brother loves it.


chasmoth (author)2015-12-31

I like the repurposed patch bay and 1/4" plug keyrings.

If you're brother's a gearhead, he'll love it.

Smithnic000 (author)chasmoth2016-01-03

Thanks! He's an audio engineer

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