Cut a patch from a shower curtain and use PVC pipe cement from your dad's garage to patch a leak in a PVC air mattress, inflatable boat, dry bag, etc.

Garbage Santa will reward you for learning this skill.
He'll put all kinds of nice inflatable stuff out at the curb for you.

Step 1: Inflate

Air mattress inflation blowers are now superabundant in thrift stores in the U.S. I think I paid $2 for this one that comes with alligator clips for 12 volts.

Big airmattresses often have a big deflation cap and a smaller inflation valve. I usually use the big cap.

One handy trick to know is the mattress inflates a lot faster if you blow the air AT the big intake instead of IN the intake. That's because the air jet from your blower entrains a bunch of surrounding air and sucks it into the mattress along with it.
<p>could you use two metal plates one each side and apply 27.275mhz at 50watts <br>to the two metal plates to cause the patch to weld to the <br>material you are trying to patch as this process is used during the <br>manufacture of the item, if you don't understand what I am getting at then look up RF welding on wickpedia.</p>
I usually use a wacuum cleaner to blow big things at home. It has a blowing connection hole. Thanks for good ideas
Many thanks for this. I have an airbed with a hole, I have PVC cement, materials to patch, I even have c-clamps... Never occured me that I could patch it!!<br>-.
<p>That is amazing that more air goes in without attaching! I need to fix my thermarest, can't find the hole submerging it in a tub of water.</p>
JUST when I needed to patch one...Thank you. Noe if I can find some glue!
But Tim! Most leaks occur around the fill valve.
Nice reuse of materials. If you don't have a lagoon you can also find most leaks without getting wet. Pump up to more than normal pressure so the air will be really blowing out, then slowly pass the back of your hand over the whole surface. The skin is very sensitive to the movement of the air through the leak. It will also feel a bit cooler.
I got a perfect idea. inflatable mattress boat!!!
Awesome! My ex has a leaky air mattress that needs fixin'. My only worry is that my tools are lacking the iron oxide that yours have ;-)
Wish I had the tools when my airbed got a hole while camping near 29 Palms/Joshua Trees. Used bubble gum and duct tape. Never leaked again.
Great job. I hope my airbed never rips.
Nice -- it's not sunny anymore, though!
Great job Tim! You post great stuff, I wish I could have a job like you at Squid Labs or at Instructables, you guys have all the fun! :-)

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