Introduction: Patch a Kitty Shredded Couch

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Do you have a cat that likes to scratch your furniture? Has she shredded your couch? All is not lost. Get your kitty a scratching post and patch that couch! Chances are your couch came with those annoying couch arm covers and seat back covers that never stay put. We’ll use those for a patch.

Step 1: Supplies

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Shredded Couch

Couch Arm Cover or Seat back Cover

Tape measure



Curved Needle and Matching Thread


Step 2: Get Your Covers

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Dig out those couch arm covers or seat back covers. We are going to use these as patches. (Since the darn things never stay where they are supposed to, they are probably under your couch gathering dust anyway…)

Step 3: Measure Stuff

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Measure the area you want to fix, then measure your patch. Do you have enough? In our case we will be using the couch arm cover, it’s bigger and it already has a cupped end that will fit nicely on the bottom. Try to have it so the edges of the patch meet seams so that it won’t be so noticeable, (even if you have to make the patch larger than really needed.) Use chalk, (so that it can be rubbed off), to draw a cutting line.

Step 4: Cut Out the Patch

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Make sure you leave about a half an inch or so all around the edges so you can turn them all under.

Step 5: Pin the Patch On

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Lay the patch over the shredded area. Turn the edges under so that it won’t unravel. Use pins to hold it on.

Step 6: Sew It On

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Get your curved needle, (it makes it easier to sew on furniture). Thread your needle with thread that matches your couch. Tie a really large not on the end of the thread. Poke the needle through the patch from behind so that the knot will be hidden in the inside. Sew carefully using small stitches so your sewing thread doesn’t show.

Step 7: You Are Done!

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People may not even be able to tell it was patched! (Just keep that kitty away!)


valkgurl (author)2017-08-22

If you dont have those annoyimg arm covers you might be able to get.matching fabric.from the furniture maker. Look fpr a.label or.go the (if you boight it new). cant try does.upholstry. if all.else.fails.go to a.bigger. look in their upholstery section. .if you.csnt locate a "match" go.for.a.contrast!! You will start with out the "pocket".end but thats ok, just easy around any curves. There are many fine tutorials.on Pinterest or here or at the library.

jenileigh (author)valkgurl2017-08-29

Good idea! :-)

Luke Wilson (author)2017-08-13

You should enter this in the 'Fix It' Contest, I'm sure you'd do well.

jenileigh (author)Luke Wilson2017-08-29

Thanks! :-)

allangee (author)2017-07-11

It's even more satisfying if you can make the patch from the hide of the cat that destroyed the furniture in the first place!

jenileigh (author)allangee2017-07-11

Have you been talking to my husband?? lol

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