Picture of Patching Air mattress
Here I would like to instruct to “patch air bed” easy way … before you start patch collect some materials …below….
1, Pvc sheet 5X5cm (table overlay)
2, Glu (araldite)
3, Sand paper
4, Alcohol
5, Cloth
6 Vice (holding to tighten)

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Step 1: Patching material

Picture of Patching material

Cut PVC Sheet round shape , scrub with sand paper which side you want to stick also near hole ….Clean pvc sheet and near hole with alcohol

Step 2: Apply glue

Picture of Apply glue
Mix araldite as company instructions….apply thin layer glu both side….Fix PVC sheet right place

Step 3: Holding

Picture of Holding
Use ‘C’clamp for tighten ( I use vice and pvc name board sheet) Put mattress outside sunlight area for dry glue.. maybe several hours …..

Step 4: Fill Air

Picture of Fill Air
Fill air  Enjoy ....bye
zazenergy4 years ago
That's so helpful!