Go dancing in custom leather for cheap.

Step 1: Acquire Scrap Leather

I found mine at the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse in Berkeley in the form of an old belt (pink), an old skirt (green), and some furniture cover samples/scraps. Other good sites for scrap leather acquisition: Dollar-A-Pound in Cambridge, MA; yard sales; Goodwill; your grandmother's attic; butcher shops for the real DIYer.

Fake fur makes an especially tasteful accent; be creative.
label it a try or just an idea: <br>&quot;we&quot; leatherworkers use profiles to shape leather. Such as clay, sand or gypsum. So i'd suggest get a basin to contain sum gypsum and a quite heavy ball. Sink the ball half-way into the gypsum, let it dry. Put sum warm water in a sink and add your leather. Leave it there for maybe 5 mins, then put the leather in the mold, put the ball on top of it and let the leather dry for a day. <br>This way the leather should become more round, though you might have to run several tries to get the &quot;perfect&quot; curve.
...make sure, after hammering, that the grommets grip and don't move anymore, otherwise they can rip off later.
its really creative.....but my dad will kill me 1st b4 he allows me wear it out of the house....
&nbsp;This is downright attractive, and incredibly unique! Awesome!
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hey girl kool top i will make one thanks keep up the good work
are you at burning man in that last picture? sorry..it is also a really cool instructable that when I actually have my sewing machine again I'll have to do..but I was also curious..
You got it. Those pictures were taken at Burning Man 2005 in front of the giant LED wall at the IGS camp. Surprisingly, the leather top survived a trip through the washing machine, and is now playa-dust free.
You didn't show us your face! Gosh Canida, we're all wondering whos behind the amazing dinners. =(<br/><br/>Haha, great instructable as usual. Now whos the guy...<br/>
Ewilhelm would be my guess, seeing how he has a silver shirt Instructable...
Ding! You win a cookie.
=D<br/>Say, instead of mailing it, keep it, hopefully future me will turn up in a day or two!<br/>
Very nice. I like it. I often use black shoelaces for lacings on similar projects. I hate coming undone suddenly, and the shoelaces hold really well.

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