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Introduction: Pathfinder Goblin Mask (2014)

This is a mask of Goblin from the Pathfinder board game series. It was made for a gaming café located in the neighbourhood of NDG in Montréal, Canada. Given that it's a café, a detachable mustache and cabby hat were added. 

I have written a step by step for a previous mask, which could be used to create any of the additional masks that I post. You can find it here.



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    How tall is this head? im just curious because im making a mascot head and curious as to the standard heights and widths of these heads. Also great work!

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    They tend to be around 16"-18" tall. This was a commission so I don't have it around to measure it for you exactly. With the ears it was probably 24-30" long too. The width would probably be 14-16" too.

    Hope that helps!

    I also have this step by step too that has a lot of tips:

    How do you get the small details formed in the foam on your mask?

    I am based out of Montreal but I bought some from a company called Vita in Toronto. I have in the past made masks from collecting ethafoam from computer packaging though. Not ideal, but it can work (see attached image.)


    Have you used the new editor yet? It makes putting step-by-step Instructables together really easy. It would be really cool if you added some descriptions to those photos....I bet a lot of people would be interested in learning more about how you made this.

    I know I would! Super cool mask!

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