Picture of Patio Fire table
This is a table I made for our patio that has a mini fire pit in the center. Great for sitting around the table at night for a little extra heat or light.

I started out with a 24" x 30" piece of sheet metal for the top, expanded sheet metal for the two ends and 1" x 1" square tubing for the frame.
The overall dimensions are 24"d x 30"l x 19"h

After cutting all the square tubing to size I welded the frame together. make sure to check the squareness after every weld.
To help make it look professional I ground down every weld so it was seamless.
Once the frame was together I attached the expanded metal side and the top. When welding sheet metal you need to weld in small segments otherwise it will warp.
I then gave it a quick sanding with 120 grit sandpaper and wiped it down really good with warm soapy water to prep it for paint..
I chose to go with an outdoor spray paint that prevents rust. I also has a textured finish to it.

For the fire I used an aluminum bowl type of thing I found in my house (Any metal type of bowl would work) 
I cut a hole in the top of the table to fit the bowl so the lip would sit on the surface of the table to support it.
The pressure regulator, burner and gas is from any type of hardware store. 
Make a hole in the bottom of the bowl so the burner tube can fit through to the regulator.
Add some glass rocks or sand in the bowl and you're done!

Looks easy enough. Does the table portion get hot (since it's made of metal)? Thanks!
jepho (author)  sharonwisely2 years ago
Not at all. The "bowl" inset that the flame is in is actually made out of aluminum on this one so it dissipates the heat pretty good.
vincent75202 years ago
Few inst' on the indestructible contest really fulfill the perequisite, ie. being indestructible.
This one is one of the closer.
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ardnon2 years ago
short and sweet instructable. I really like the design.