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Introduction: Patrick's Gluten Free Brewery

Hello, My name is Patrick Mousaw.  I was born November 10, 1976.  By day, I am a chemical engineer who scales up pharmaceuticals.  By night, I am a father of four who homebrews and dreams of scaling up my beer making process and owning my own brewery.  I dream of freedom to do what I love:  make beer!
What will make my brewery so different?  It will be a gluten free brewery.  Naysayers claim that gluten free beer cannot be brewed to taste as good as gluten filled beer.  These critics are wrong, and I have the recipes and followers to prove it!  The next step I need to do to make my brewery closer to reality is to start buying larger equipment that will help automate the beer making process.  Additionally, I need to rent a commercial kitchen/store front so that I can start selling my beer commercially.  This is what I will do with the $25,000 prize money – buy the larger equipment and set up this equipment in a commercial kitchen/store front and start brewing at a larger scale.  The prize money would allow me to sell my beer on the side and earn extra money which would be put toward a bigger and better brewery down the road.  Additionally, I would use the Jack Daniels barrel I would win too…  I would age gluten free beer in it!   
My family is 100% committed to making my dream a reality, building a brewery is an expensive endeavor, but I know I will be unstoppable if I start small and grow into my dream.  The Jack Daniels Independence Project prize winnings would get me one step closer to giving me the freedom to do what I love. I will be able to live freely and brew sensibly. 
I’m not the only one dreaming of owning my own brewery…some of my biggest fans wanted to voice their support as well…. here is their best rendition of “Take me out to Pat’s brewery” – (Sung to “Take me out to the ball game”) 
Take me out to Pat’s brewery.  Take me out to his pub.  I like his gluten free beer the best.  Tastes just like barley, put it to the test!  For its root, root, root for Pat’s brewery, he brews the best that he can– for he’s one, two, three steps away from the freedom to live out my dream!



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    Did you ever go on kickstarter? I'd love to find a gluten free beer. Since going wheat free, I've only had one or two gluten free beers. (Redbridge & Doorahs). But mostly I've been sticking to ciders

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    Unfortunately, work and life in general have gotten in my way of pursuing this as much as I want. I still plan on working towards finding a few great recipes for gluten-free beers that taste very much like many of the classic barley based styles that are lacking in the market today. I hope to make a few more batches soon.

    I don't know if you have continued this goal, but I hope so!! There is not a single gluten-free beer out there... I miss all my old favorites like the black ipas and ambers... Good luck!

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    My progress towards this goal has been slow but steady. There are gluten-free beers out there but most of them mimic a light lager and have very little flavor. The best commercial offering I have found was a Saison from a Vermont brewery.

    I know the trend is pointing towards an explosion in this market. I have seen more and more craft breweries make attempts at making a gluten-free beer to put on their menus.

    I have already developed two recipes, one an IPA and one a Christmas style spiced ale, that did well in the National Homebrew Competition. They didn't come close to winning awards but were judged to be decent attempts at the styles, which isn't necessarily that easy to do. Hopefully, I can use the knowledge I've gained from these beers to launch a gluten-free brewery.

    Promise not to store it in the fridge, and I'm in!

    (Hey, America, if the label doesn't say "lager", then you're supposed to store it at room temperature. If you have to numb your taste buds to drink it, you shouldn't be drinking it!)

    If this doesn't work for you, can I suggest kickstarter. There are enough gluten free people out there that you probably could raise the money quite quickly there. Good luck!

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    Thanks for the advice! I will definitely check it out!