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Introduction: Patriotic Birdfeeder

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I found this plate and bowl at a thrift store. I drilled a hole in both with my drill press using a diamond tip. I took a threaded rod cut it to size (10 1/2 inches) and spray painted it with red then baked it to set paint. I also painted 4 washers and four nuts (two of the nuts are lock nuts) and baked to set paint. Then came assembly. I started with bottom bowl. I glued the washer to bottom of bowl and to inside of bowl and to bottom of top plate and let dry. Then threaded nut from bottom of rod to appr. 2 inches. I put rod through bowl till nut was resting in bottom of bowl. Then I took my painted lock nut and screwed it on the bottom and locked it in. Then I tightened up the nut inside bowl till all was super tight without breaking bowl. Now I screwed on nut from top of rod again appr. 2 inches. I place the top plate onto rod. Now to attach the hanger. I used parachute cord, melted the ends and hammered flat. With some glue and sealant around the hole on top I laid the ends of cord then attached top washer then attached the lock nut till it was locked. Then I tightened the under nut till it was tight. And there you have it. One beautiful Bird Feeder.



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    Anything for the backyard birds! What brand/type of paint did you use? Thanks for a fun, easy project.

    That's really pretty :) Awesome way to reuse them too!