Picture of Patriotic Tote Bag
This red, white and blue tote bag was made out of 5 cotton shirts that I purchased from my local thrift shop for 25 cents each.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
patriotic tote bag 001.jpg
patriotic tote bag 002.jpg
patriotic tote bag 004.jpg
patriotic tote bag 005.jpg
patriotic tote bag 007.jpg
You will need:

Sewing machine
Plastic canvas
5 cotton shirts
  I like to use mens dress shirts for my projects because they don't have darts.
straight pins
measuring tape
seam ripper for removing buttons
parisusa1 year ago
I love reusing 2nd hand clothing as fabric. I often use it for Halloween costumes. Thanks for a new idea!
elewis032 years ago
This looks great!