Picture of Patriotic Tote Bag
This red, white and blue tote bag was made out of 5 cotton shirts that I purchased from my local thrift shop for 25 cents each.
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
patriotic tote bag 001.jpg
patriotic tote bag 002.jpg
patriotic tote bag 004.jpg
patriotic tote bag 005.jpg
patriotic tote bag 007.jpg
You will need:

Sewing machine
Plastic canvas
5 cotton shirts
  I like to use mens dress shirts for my projects because they don't have darts.
straight pins
measuring tape
seam ripper for removing buttons

Step 2: Cut up shirts

Picture of Cut up shirts
patriotic tote bag 012.jpg
Cut up the shirts at the seams. Save the buttons for another use. Iron each section.

Step 3: Cut out pieces for bag

Picture of Cut out pieces for bag
patriotic tote bag 019.jpg
Cut out a piece for the bottom of bag 15" x 12". Cut 8 pieces 15" wide x 4" tall.

Step 4: Sewing Bag

Picture of Sewing Bag
patriotic tote bag 026.jpg
patriotic tote bag 027.jpg
patriotic tote bag 029.jpg
patriotic tote bag 036.jpg
patriotic tote bag 037.jpg
Lay the pieces for the bag out. Stitch them together with 1/2" seam allowance. Press seams toward the bottom of bag. Top stitch over each seam. This section should be 15" wide x 37" long. Fold in half and pin sides. Stitch sides of bag with 1/2" seam allowance.  

Step 5: Sew Lining

Picture of Sew Lining
patriotic tote bag 031.jpg
patriotic tote bag 032.jpg
patriotic tote bag 035.jpg
patriotic tote bag 038.jpg
Cut several pieces 15" wide for the lining. Stitch them together until it is 37" long. Press seams to one side and top stitch. Fold lining in half, pin. Stitch sides of lining 1/2" from edge.

Step 6: Square bottom of bag

Picture of Square bottom of bag
patriotic tote bag 041.jpg
patriotic tote bag 044.jpg
patriotic tote bag 045.jpg
patriotic tote bag 048.jpg
patriotic tote bag 051.jpg
Flatten out corners of the bag. open and pin seam open. measure 2" from point and mark with pin. Stitch across, perpendicular from the bottom seam. Repeat with other corner of bag. Do the same with corners of the lining.

Step 7: Plastic Canvas

Picture of Plastic Canvas
patriotic tote bag 056.jpg
patriotic tote bag 057.jpg
patriotic tote bag 058.jpg
patriotic tote bag 060.jpg
Cut a piece of plastic canvas 4" x 9-1/2". Cut 2 pieces of fabric 6" x 12".It doesn't matter what fabric is used on this, it will be placed between the bag and lining. Pin the 2 fabric pieces together, sew along both long ends and one short end. 1/2" seam allowance. Place plastic canvas inside and stitch the opening shut.

Step 8: Reinforce bottom of bag

Picture of Reinforce bottom of bag
patriotic tote bag 064.jpg
patriotic tote bag 063.jpg
patriotic tote bag 066.jpg
patriotic tote bag 067.jpg
patriotic tote bag 074.jpg
Pin section with plastic canvas to the bottom of lining, matching up the stitching lines. Sew these together, making sure the needle doesn't go through the plastic canvas. Stitch the other corner the same way. Clip points off of corners of the lining and the bag 1/2" from stitching. Turn bag right side out.  
parisusa1 year ago
I love reusing 2nd hand clothing as fabric. I often use it for Halloween costumes. Thanks for a new idea!
elewis032 years ago
This looks great!