Patron Led Hanging Patio Lights





Introduction: Patron Led Hanging Patio Lights

After doing some researching and reading on some ideas for lights for my backyard patio I came across this instructable.,..

....well it sparked an idea and I remembered I had access to alot of patron bottles..empty already.

Got a project box from radioshack and ordered a bunch of leds off amazon and a solar panel. Already had a 12v 5ah battery. Each light has a little saying on it which I got from michaels and some twine I got from michaels also. The black chain I got from homedepot. The bottoms were cut off with a really cheap tile saw I got from homedepot which works great!!

I had them solar powered by this...

but after a week or two and only using them 2 or 3 battery is completely dead at about 6 volts... so onto more reading about solar powered systems. Might need to get a better charger with more watt output and charge controller.



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    Awesome!!! Only thing I advise you to try is find a way to hide the power wires from each lamp. Looks a little tacky to me but I couldn't really think of any way else to hide them. And I figured out my solar panel is junk and drained my battery so I need to slap a charge controller in the circuit.