Pat's Butterflies




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Introduction: Pat's Butterflies

This is an original design made with Chenille Thick & Quick. A friend wanted me to make a butterfly afghan for her, and my favorite stitch is the afghan stitch so I drew some butterflies, copied the designs to graph paper, then typed them in an electronic spreadsheet. I find this makes it easier to keep track of the stitches so I can mark through completed stitches on the printed spreadsheet. I cross stitched the butterflies onto squares made with a size K afghan hook. If I were to do this again, I would not use Chenille because it is so heavy for the afghan stitch, and it sheds when cross stitching.



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    I am enthralled with butterflies. Would u be willing to share the design?

    Very well put together. Looks lovely your a natural Good Luck hope that you win!!!

    This is beautiful! Great job!

    This is absolutely beautiful! Very nice work. I want one! :)

    Awesome! I love how you're posting a lot of stuff, I hope you win something in the Challenge. I have a feeling you could get close to the random prize because there are a lot of your Slideshows, but I hope you win something else too!

    it looks gorgeous; i love the open and side view of the butterflies. how did you copy your drawing to graph paper? i always try to make my own patterns that way, but i can never do it right! beautiful work!

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    I put the graph paper on top of the drawing I want to copy and hold it up to a window and trace. When I am finished with that, I round corners or make whatever adjustments I feel necessary. Then I count, count, count by putting symbols into a spreadsheet. Different symbols for different colors or stitches. Thank you for your comment.