Introduction: Pattal - Leaf Plate (Made of Banyan & Sal Leaf )

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This is a kind of plate which is used in India for eating in many rural areas in the country.
It is made up of Sal or Banyan tree leaf, & it is simply joint with small wooden sticks which you can take from  brooms stick ,toothpick, below trees etc. 

Step 1: Step -1

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Step-1 Things you will need for making pattal are Sal or Banyan tree leaf and
tiny Wooden sticks.Take 5 or 6 leafs and 10-15 sticks.

Step 2: Step -2

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step - 2

arrange the leaves in a circular way according to their shape and size.

Step 3: Step - 3

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Step - 3

Now you can join 1 and 2 leaf  to each other you can choose any two leaf and join with inserting the sticks between two leafs.  

Step 4: Step - 4

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Step - 4

Hold the two leafs from their ends and insert the stick between them.

Step 5: Step - 5

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step - 5

Now bend the leafs to insert the stick the way it is showed. 

Step 6: Step - 6

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step - 6

Now turn around the leafs and press the wooden stick and let it penetrate.

Step 7: Step - 7

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step- 7

Now you got two leafs joint together .you can join the next leaf with these two leaves.  

Step 8: Step - 8

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Step - 8

Join the third leaf to the other two leaves.again you can choose to join any leaf but basically the widest leaf is joint in the middle so that it could hold all the surrounding leaves together well.

Step 9: Step - 9

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Step - 9

Now you have got three leaves joint  together you can join the other two leaves in the same way and finish the plate.

Step 10: Finish

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This how it will look when it will be done.


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