Step 13: Fix the Glass

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Now you need to place the glass onto the supports.

Now you need to fix the glass with the 3D printed glass fixer. When the glass is fixed, you need to put a line after the 3D printed component.

At that place you need to drill a hole. You can chose the diameter. But you need to place a pin in it. So you can be sure it passes.

looking interesting
what is you cnc laser machine ?
<p>I need to ckeck it in school</p>
What other patterns can be done with this?
You have a pattern to make 3 lines on the glass. Another with 2 lines ans the last is also with 3 lines but the distances of the lines are different.
<p>You can see the 3 patterns on the photo</p>
<p>?? what ???</p>
<p>mmm how to say that... good work! but all theses efforts just for 3 lines on a glass (limited to a specific size, impossible to use it with a larger or other shape ?) Is this pattern has a particular meaning ?</p>
<p>The pattern maker can use more glasses</p>

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