Step 3: How Put the Pattern Maker Stabbing Together

When you lasercutted all the files, you can start to assembly the pattern maker.

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First put all the pieces of the pattern maker and the toolbox separately. That makes it a little bit easier.

Take the base plate, and install the two sides and the back into the slots with wood glue (1).

looking interesting
what is you cnc laser machine ?
<p>I need to ckeck it in school</p>
What other patterns can be done with this?
You have a pattern to make 3 lines on the glass. Another with 2 lines ans the last is also with 3 lines but the distances of the lines are different.
<p>You can see the 3 patterns on the photo</p>
<p>?? what ???</p>
<p>mmm how to say that... good work! but all theses efforts just for 3 lines on a glass (limited to a specific size, impossible to use it with a larger or other shape ?) Is this pattern has a particular meaning ?</p>
<p>The pattern maker can use more glasses</p>

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