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I have taken a few pictures of my electronics corner in my garage for your viewing pleasure. I hope you enjoy it! Pictures are presented in a basically clockwise pattern of my work area. Then I added a few projects in progress files as well.


Robot Lover (author)2011-10-08

I spotted your old weller soldering station. I really like the old design. Though I'm planning on buying a hakko 888.

pfred2 (author)Robot Lover2011-10-08

I got it in a box of junk for $10 at a flea market. I used to use the same model when I worked in a PCB manufacturing house so I was already very familiar with the model. Oldies but goodies!

Robot Lover (author)pfred22011-10-10

So how is it holding up, have you had to replace any parts? I love those awesome boxes of junk you'll find in garage sales and flea markets. My dad bought a box at a garage sale for 2 bucks and it had a panavise, some old milling parts worth well over a couple hundred together, and a drill bit sharpener.

pfred2 (author)Robot Lover2011-10-10

It works perfectly. It is a Weller soldering station. I think the main reason Weller can charge what they do for their gear is that a lot of it is virtually indestructible.

I've never run into a deal that good. But I'm still looking!

Robot Lover (author)pfred22011-10-10

I have heard good things about Weller but have never used there brand of soldering equipment. My next iron will probably be a Weller. : )

pfred2 (author)Robot Lover2011-10-10

Weller is one good brand. Any tool is good to me though. I don't get hung up on names. It's all good if it works.

nwonharp (author)pfred22015-07-26

Ungar is also a good brand , I have one that I have used many years , along with my Weller , I also have four Weller soldering guns of different wattages , the biggest is an old D550 dual heat , 240/325 watts , for when I need a lot of heat , like soldering a larger wire to a chassis . I got them mostly at yard sales and such for very little money . I am always looking for a bargain !

Robot Lover (author)pfred22011-10-11

Yeah I see what you mean. Well, thanks for the talk!

pfred2 (author)Robot Lover2011-10-11

To me soldering is a technique that once learned properly can be done with a nail heated in a fire, though electric irons are more convenient. Every bad soldering job I've ever seen was doomed to failure before the iron was even heated up.

If you clean and prep, apply heat, then flow the solder it has to work.

nwonharp (author)2015-07-26

Very nice . To the untrained eye , eg , people who are not CET's , they would say that it looked rather cluttered . My workbench is about the same . I see you use Simpson 260 meters , I have one of those , and a Triplett 310 analog meter with an amp-clamp adapter , a lot of times an analog meter is more useful than a digital for some things , but I usually use my Fluke 87 or my old Fluke 8060A DMM . I have a Weller soldering station that originally had temperature control , and a digital readout .It had been thrown in the trash because the control board " fried " and was too expensive to repair . I fitted it with a standard light dimmer ( a couple of dollars ) and it works fine . I can vary the temp , but don't have the digital readout . Oh well .

Havanotha (author)2014-08-23

Holy flux bat man.

looks like every electronics engineers station i ever brought doughnuts to

as a C.E.T. and an Account Manager for major electronics component distribution company for 26 years iv'e sold million's of dollars worth of this stuff. in the end i din't collect much of it

Nice set up

pfred2 (author)Havanotha2014-08-26

Thanks. I guess folks doing the same things end up doing them the same ways. Either that or we all suffer from the same brain disease?

stevenarango (author)2014-03-14

interesting lab... i love all your stuff.....

pfred2 (author)stevenarango2014-03-17

Thank you. You have nice stuff too.

Machine (author)2012-02-18

Nice workshop. I spotted your Tektronix 2335 with DMM option, very nice super-ruggedized oscilloscope ($7000 when new, did you know?), good for high/low temp. high shock, super-tolerant power supply. Love those Wellers too, they are one of the best. I have two Hakkos (not by choice really) and two other no-name irons.

Your bench looks crowded but very well equipped. I would imagine that all kinds of magic gets created there.

Thanks for showing us.

pfred2 (author)Machine2012-02-18

Thank you for the compliment. Things have gotten even more crowded recently as I've had to dedicate the larger side of my desk I do my electronics on to a project I am working on now. Space is an issue in my garage.

I wish I had more time to dedicate to my electronics too but other things constantly vie for my attention.

You are welcome for having visited.

jensenr30 (author)2011-02-16

that looks like heaven!

pfred2 (author)jensenr302011-02-16

Hey thanks! It sure beats some other setups I've had for myself in the past. We all do what we can do right? Really its mostly just a couple old milk crates with a board tossed over them. Being as I put my scope up there I strategically applied some hot glue to hold it all together.

I hope you like it all just as much not scaled:

MROHM (author)pfred22011-09-25

Your Workshop is Impressive, Impressive , Impressive!!!!!!!! I don't know How many more times I have to tell You!!! Ps** I love your Tek Scope!!! Does Your Tek Scope Have 100Mhz Bandwidth??? You still have My Vote as BEST ELECTRONIC WORKSHOP in Instructables!!! Thanks pfred2

pfred2 (author)MROHM2011-09-25

My oscilloscope is a Tektronix 2336 Dual channel 100MHz with the Y option. The Y option is a device that allows me to measure points on the screen by time. Thank you for your support.

MROHM (author)pfred22011-09-25

I Have a TEK 2225 50Mhz Scope Purchased off E/Bay for $80.00. Almost all my Test Gear Has Been Purchased from E/Bay...Thanks for Telling me Tek#,,,You Have a Mighty Fine Scope There!! Thinking Of Purchasing a Digital Scope one Day But May Get Another Tek Analog Scope!! Right Now The 2225 will just Do Me Fine!!

pfred2 (author)2011-02-22

Thanks I hope I get your vote for the next contest submission I put in for with the rest of my garage. Competition looks like it has picked up some now though . There are some great shops in the running!

MROHM (author)pfred22011-09-25

#1 Shop all the way!!!

pfred2 (author)2011-02-24

Thanks. My thoughts now are leaning towards building my CNC machine right on the desk which will take some rearrangements. But it is my big project at the moment, so it being front and center isn't worrying me. I'm done making all of the electronics for it now anyways.

Power supply:

X and Z  axis motor drives (I made 3 of these):

Y Axis motor drives (2 of these):

Parallel Port Buffer (there is a 25 pin D connector hanging off the board now):

Something tells me I'll be focused on this project for a while.

Jimmy Proton (author)pfred22011-02-28

I am speechless at how amazing this stuff is, you seem to like your servo motors and i have one that i dont know how to use, you want it?

Jimmy Proton (author)2011-02-22

THIS is amazing, when i get older my entire house is going to look like this!

pfred2 (author)Jimmy Proton2011-02-22

Sounds like too much walking to me. Really as you get older you want everything within easy reach of a comfortable seat.

Jimmy Proton (author)pfred22011-02-23

I'm like that now but i still have stuff everywhere.

pfred2 (author)Jimmy Proton2011-02-23

My real electronics "junk box" is here:

Which is a fair walk to get to:

The other side is a classic!

Yeehaw, nothing quite like living in the country now is there? It's a good thing I can't even see that mess from my house! But *stuff* is an apt description for what finds its way down there.

Jimmy Proton (author)pfred22011-02-28

Haha thats nice, i love it! I want one just like it! (not being sarcastic)

pfred2 (author)2011-02-22

Thanks! One of the twins (The Simpsons) is actually a 270. I picked it up at a garage sale for $3. The Model 3 - 260 I paid $20 for at a flea market. I think you may be able to see them a little better in this picture:

imakethings (author)2011-02-10

very good!

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