In the summer of 2011, I decided to landscape the home main entrance.

Objective: Build a walkway with recycled pavers from a wall retaining blocks wall.

I used a recovered retaining blocks and made a patern with them.

Cost: blocks = free, gravel / rocks = 250$

Free guide to build a paving stone plain / paving / blocks paver:

-------> http://www.usa-gardening.com/paving/pavers.html

Page 1. -- Requirement and location --
Page 2. -- Materials and excavation --
Page 3. -- The gravel and compaction --
Page 4. -- Logs borders - Edging with logs --
Page 5. -- Laying paver blocks and finishing --
Page 6. --- Joints and polymeric sand

Instructions en français (french instructions): Pavé en blocs recyclés

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