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Introduction: Paw Tag

Here’s a fun casting project without all the typical materials. While polymer clay, silver solder, and corn starch aren’t typically used this way, it still turns out a decent end result. Special thanks to dthomp0 for helping me out with a dog volunteer.

Caution! Molten anything can cause severe burns. Anytime you use a flame make sure you’re in a well ventilated area and that you’ve taken fire safety precautions. As always, be careful and work within your experience.

Step 1: Prep the Clay

The form is made from polymer clay. After kneading it I rolled it into a ball. I coated it in cornstarch to keep it from sticking. I then took a glue stick and mashed the ball flat. I pushed the edges back in to form up a little wall.

Step 2: Make the Paw Print

I made the paw imprint using the back handle of a small paint brush. I then coated the form with corn starch and blew it out. This helps the molten solder flow through.

Step 3: Cast

I placed a section of solder in a spoon and heated it with a torch (a common gas stove will melt solder like this just the same). Once the solder was molten I poured it into the mould.

When solder is molten it wants to stay in the shape of a ball. Just like water forms a drop. Because of this, the larger the area being cast, the harder it will be to cast a design. I was able to cast the paw by itself just fine but when I made it bigger (to stamp a name) the paw would no longer cast. To help it along I pressed the molten solder down with a piece of marble.

Step 4: Stamp and Polish

Since solder is so soft it shapes and polished quickly. It was eaisily stamped with dies. I used a scouring pad and buffing wheels; both on my drill press. The letters were filled in with permanent marker.

Thanks for reading.



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    Could this work to make a wax seal?


    wow! great project, can't wait to make this, my cat needs something like this and i don't want to spend £3 on a tag, great idea, keep posting!

    This is beautiful! Will definitely make soon... I have a pup waiting for one.

    Got an acquaintance with several pets who would love this...! But, I think I might try it in melted zinc, if the polymer clay could handle the heat.

    zinc is highly toxic to pets as well as humans. Google 'Zinc Fever' it can be fatal. Experienced metal smiths have died from zinc fumes. Solder high in tin is about the safest bet or lead free pewter - which is mainly tin.

    Very cool idea. However I recommend you use lead free solder as lead may harm you or your pet. Very nice idea though, I would like to try this with melted pennies.

    That looks really nice - how tough is silver solder, though?

    Will it survive doggy rough and tumble?

    It's still to be determined but I'm guessing the collar would wear out first.

    It still looks as good as the day I got it and Linna has worn it every day. Thanks again!