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Introduction: Pay Parking Ticket Holder From a Credit Card

I know pay paying system varies some what, depending on where you are in the world; but this is a great little project if you're using pay parking that requires you to display your purchased ticket in clear view, i.e. on the dash board of your car. Besides displaying your ticket clearly against the windscreen/shield of your car, you'll avoid having your ticket blow away when you close your car door, when you're in a rush, and it can stop any disagreements with the traffic inspectors stating that you placed your ticket where it couldn't be screen. I've seen items similar to these sold in some shops, but all this will only cost you your time (approximately 2-3 minutes). I always have one of these in my wallet when I travel; as it keeps all my tickets together, for when it comes time to claim all my travel expenses, and I can easily move it from hire car to hire car. It's also a nice little project for the kids to make up and give to mum or dad as that special gift.

Step 1: What Do I Need to Create?

All you'll need for this project is an old expired Credit or Hotel Swipe Card, a pair of scissors and a pen or pencil to draw some guidelines.

Step 2: How to Make...

Simply grab your old Credit Card or Hotel Swipe Card and mark the dimensions from the image above on one side. Then using a sharp pair of scissors, cut along your guidelines and you're done. Please note the dimensions listed above are estimates only.

Step 3:

Once your project is complete simply slot the shorter end of the "T" piece in between your windscreen/shield and the plastic molding on the front pillar of your car, and you're good to go.



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    Nice little trick!

    Your title thoroughly confused me though. I got it now!

    Something like "Parking receipt holder from credit card" might be a little more easy to understand. Just a tip! :)