Picture of Pay-per-Copy Machine Exploit
This proof of concept instructable will go over how to exploit a popular pay-per-copy type machine with a paperclip.

Step 1: Find the copy machine and a paperclip

Picture of Find the copy machine and a paperclip
These machine's LCD will say "Set Key Counter"

I found this system in 2 seperate college campuses, and I usually keep a paperclip in my wallet, very usful little guys. Paperclips are so freaking useful, PROTIP: keep one with you.
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Advar1 year ago
Nifty :)
Basilnet6 years ago
most of the time the colors are not coded properly, there is 5V and ground to Enable the copier, BUT there is also 16 to 36 VOLTS for the pulse signal. If you connect the wrong wire you will FRY the machine's main board. I know because I work on these. You are a smart Thief, nevertheless, a thief you are. Perhaps you should get a job to afford the 10 cents and find out how the real world works.
Advar Basilnet1 year ago
Orrr, this could be partial proof that a redesign is needed...
Silly parents always blaming videogames.
King8256 years ago
Yeah, I can imagine it now: getting into a lot of trouble to save 10 cents. Sounds worth it, doesn't it?
Now,If you Need a hundred copies,its 1 dollar,Way worth it ;P
100 copies is 10 dollars in my math class !
lol ur tarded. 10cX100copies is $1.00? more like $10.00
me tarded?
sharky2376 years ago
Why bother with the paper clip ??? if you got a xerox machine I will can tell you how to switch off the coin/swipe machine :) have fun guys
and can you just tell how...
haso sharky2374 years ago
yeah, but then you'd have to use a xerox... *shudder*

seriously though be careful, can hurt yourself and the boards in those old machines aren't easy to source anymore! not in AUS anyway
Redgerr5 years ago
i was wondering does it revert back to the normal thing after you take the paperclip away? really cool, ill use it if i dont see a camera watching me o_O
Brett9 years ago
How'd you figure this out? Brett
nak (author)  Brett9 years ago
With SCIENCE!! Actually, it was with science, first I tried white green, didnt do anything... so I tried red black, a great sucess!
ReCreate nak6 years ago
how is that science? Just asking
Caveman science!!
Wait till he plays withh 220V. He will invent fire.
Let's hope this kid has no interest in surgery...
I need to do this soon, awesome instructable.
Derin7 years ago
lolz,that connector looks like molex and the wire colors look like usb interface
knight20677 years ago
Darn. My school uses student cards, there's a camera, that area's almost always crowded and there are no exposed connections.
daPerik8 years ago
What if I only have coins and no paperclip's?
nak (author)  daPerik8 years ago
Swallow the coins. Run around screaming about how your baby was consumed by a dingo! ???? Profit
Cartuner55 nak7 years ago
Buy paperclips
find a paperclip, these are either at school or in public biblos, their bound to have a paperclip either on a desk or just lying around
Jake-off7 years ago
so does this actually break the machine
wasgij57 years ago
I instantly see a problem at my local library the photo copy room is under 24 hr video Survalane each copier has 2 cameras focused on it and the cable are in the wall!!!
recon5067 years ago
this wont work with modern copy machine systems because the coin slot cable is like reinforced kevalr crap. apparantly librarians like their dime a copy.
Whitezombie7 years ago
i agree w/ amadoraa how r u supposed to do this in a library
nak (author)  Whitezombie7 years ago
have some courage(stupidity) maybe?
amadoraa1237 years ago
how are you going to do this in a library when people are watching?
I tried this, and when you return the coin it stops copying and sends out a piece of plain white paper. I guess you can get free paper? The machine I used was newer though.
dasarp8 years ago
Awesome! Awesome!! Awesome!!! You're my new hero nak. So I was trying this out on the copier in my college library, and the librarian comes around, sees me fiddling with the wires, and is like, 'you need help there?' So I told her I was from the office of info tech and was fixing the machine. Well, IT WORKS!!!
nak (author)  dasarp8 years ago
Nice social engineering story :)
Neodudeman8 years ago
So I did this... about a week or two ago. Now the copy machine gives inf copies... even without the paperclip. I can't shut off the hack, and I'm gettin kinda freaked. I did exactly as the hack said, but thought it didn't work.. So I took out the clip, and re-inserted it a few times, and then it worked. But now the machine seems to be reset. The coin box stil works. By adding 10c, thelight bulb lights, and by pressing the button, the coin light goes off. But it still copies even if the bulb is off.. Any suggestions?
Make lots of copies?
Aeshir8 years ago
Is it possible to get electricuted by doing this?
nak (author)  Aeshir8 years ago
There should be no voltage in the connector we are playing with.
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