Picture of Payday: The Heist Dallas clown mask
The last week I remembered that there was less than one month before my best friend birthday arrive!! What should I give him as a gift? I started thinking, and the first thing that flyed around my mind was a t-shirt. Too boring, I guess. So I decided to make something by myself. Something awesome, something that he couldn't get anywhere else than from my hands.

Then the idea came by itself. Let's make some stuff from a videogame that we love... We spent a lot of hours trying to complete all the campaigns in Payday: The Heist in hard mode. He always uses Dallas with his awesome mask, and that's what I'm going to do (No, not a figure of Dallas, just the clown mask of Dallas ).

I'm going to make it as cheap as I can, so I'll put as few materials as possible. Also, I'm going to make this project nice and slow, needing at least 1 month or so, just like hostages move in this game :)

So, lets get started with this epic mask!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
This is the list of everything needed to make the mask (tools and materials):

- Scissors.
- Exacto knife.
- Brushes (different sizes).
- Small spatula.
- Masking tape.
- Fine sandpaper.
- Dremel.

- 1 plastic carnival mask (bought from less than 1$ from a party shop).
- 1 roll of toilet paper.
- Newspapers.
- White glue.
- Water.
- Vaseline.
- Acrylic paint (white, black, red, dark blue).
- Glazier's putty (masilla).
- Relief paste.
- Transparent varnish.
- Some small 5-pointed star stickers.
- Some hard cardboard.
- Some black elastic fabric. (optional)
ShrineyFez1 year ago

how much money does this project cost?

wikiti (author)  ShrineyFez1 year ago

If you have all the tools, I would say that the materials cost around 20-25$.

You would save alot of money if you just bought a real one from the Overkill store.

wikiti (author)  THEJJRAT2 days ago


22€ (homemade) vs 40€ (store)

Sure, that makes sense.

I live in Murica.

batmanvsjoker2008 made it!1 year ago

Now i've actually shadowed it, thanks for the advice i feel like it looks much better now,

wikiti (author)  batmanvsjoker20081 year ago

Now that's Pay-Day style!

thanks :)

i made one with clay and filler on a plastic mask base all i did was sculpt it and then fill in the cracks i also covered the whole thing in filler for strength, after paint it looked like this i am also planning to put something in the eyes like black sunglass lenses so they will be darker the only problem is that the mask has to stay inside or it would propaply break but it is still fairly strong anyways : )

payday mask.jpg
wikiti (author)  batmanvsjoker20081 year ago

That seems greate! If you want, you could add more shadows to the frown zone, that will be awesome :)

Thanks, i have just laquered it i added a bit more like you said but it still may need some more shadows, i also ended up putting some black mesh in the eyes to get it to look more black here's how it looks now,

cortchops made it!1 year ago

thanks for all the help! I forgot to post a finished photo

photo (1).JPG
wikiti (author)  cortchops1 year ago

Oh, that's looks greats! I'm glad this tutorial has been useful to someone :)

cortchops1 year ago
cani just go straight from the toilet paper to the glaizers putty?
wikiti (author)  cortchops1 year ago
Well, I think you cand do it without it, but maybe the results aren't as good as doing all the steps.
Hmmmm is there any substitute for the relief paste? I'm over in the US and I have no idea where to look for some I have the glaziers putty, and I as wondering what would happen or how it would turn out with toilet paper to the putty.
cortchops1 year ago
hey in step 2 what do you mean by stare it?
wikiti (author)  cortchops1 year ago
Sorry, I meant stir :P
Alright thanks that makes a bit more sense
cortchops1 year ago
hey first of all fantastic ible and i plan on making it for this Halloween... but a few questions what is relief paste?
(there are probably more to come)

wikiti (author)  cortchops1 year ago
It's something like this: http://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/marabu-transparent-relief-paste-20-ml-in-glitter-gold/568732-1000

By the way, I think it's an optional material in the project :)
What did you even use it for? Like what step?
wikiti (author)  cortchops1 year ago
Step 5, the first 9 photos :)
thanks and all it does is help it get stiffer so it can be sanded smooth?

wikiti (author)  cortchops1 year ago
Exactly :)
Very cool, I'm doing a similar project with sweet tooth's mask. I don't want to drill into the mask, so how should I add the elastic straps?
wikiti (author)  Cowboy_fromHell1 year ago
Well, while you are adding layers of toilet paper, you can add some kind of elastic strap attached to a rigid thing, like a popsicle stick (or maybe half of it), all this inside of the mask, so no strips will be visible from the outside. After that, add more layers of paper to make sure that is rigid.
poofrabbit1 year ago
Very nicely done! Scares the tar out of me, which means...you totally nailed it! :)