Pc Steering Wheel With Pedals. Turn Joystick to PC Gaming Wheel





Introduction: Pc Steering Wheel With Pedals. Turn Joystick to PC Gaming Wheel

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Playing games is fun, arcade, adventure, rpg, racing and many more. Playing racing game is more fun then any game. But, playing racing games with Keyboard, mouse and joystick is Super Boring. :(

So, for solve this problem, I make PC gaming steering wheel with pedals. :)

PC Steering Wheel for gaming is to Expensive to buy. Its starts from 50$ and its to expensive!. I have two joystick, and the one is not use. I think i can turn my joystick into Pc Gaming Wheel. And yes, I can!. And this Is not EXPENSIVE to Make.

For example:

Gaming Steering Wheel Logitech G29 With Pedals.

The price is $469.94! Its so Expensive!

But I made just around $10! Its not Expensive

I make this with PC joystick. You can make it from Playstation Joystick, Nintendo Joystick, Or any Joystick.

Features: - Left, Right Turn

- Pedal (Accelerate & Brake)

- Easy To use

- Easy To Install

Step 1: You Neeeed

1. Joystick (Open the case)

2. Potensiometer with Knob (50-100K)

3. Cables

4. Solder wire

5. Soldering Iron

6. Super Glue

7. Some Plywood

8. Small Wheel/tyre From Old Small Bicycle (or anything for make steering wheel)

9. some nail

10. Small Push botton Switch


1.) 5$ Ebay

2.) Under 1$ Ebay

3.) Free for me

4.) Under 1$ Ebay

5.) 3.5$ Ebay

6.) Very Cheap

7.) Free

8.) Free For me

9.) Free

10.) Around 1.5$ for 50pcs Ebay

Step 2: Solder the Wire

Solder The wire Like Image 1. You can use any button you want.

1. Solder A1,2,3 to potensiometer (Image 2)

2. Solder B1,2 and C1,2 to Pedal (Image 3)

3. After solder make a hole for the cables and Close the case again

Step 3: The Pedal (Look Image)

You can make bigger size of the Pedal!

Step 4: Installation

1. Install Potensiometer in plywood and nailed it in your table/ glue it .

2. Put the Pedal in your floor.

3. Store the Joystick in the good place and Plug it in to your PC

4. Make the steering wheel!

Step 5: Make the Steering Wheel

Iuse tyre because is the best i can found. If you not have tyre you can make with CD.

Pump the tyre And Glue the center to Potesiometer Knob with superglue or any strong glue.

And fix it into Potensiometer

Step 6: Testing Video

Thanks for look my work.

I make this just for fun and this Work! :)

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    My 100k potentiometer only turns one way what to do

    He probably didn't specify that he used a USB controller for the wheel. I went into the project with a Nintendo nunchuck, and I had to get a kit to change it from USB. Otherwise an excellent project!

    2 replies

    Hi, how did you manage to convert it to USB? I have a Sony Playstation 2 Controller. Can I convert it to USB without using an Adapter?

    Nice made . I love to see things that are made from recycled thing. You have some interesting instructable.

    1 reply

    Thank You Danish. please share my instructables

    I have a different kind of circuit ..pls help me....

    4 replies

    For make easier soldering. Use the LEFT Button (see Image)


    tnx for the reply.... so i will only connect two wires to the potensionmeter

    i had to turn the steering wheel very far.when i turn its turning .i can't turn slowly little bit to the right nor to the left.

    I love to do this...but is it accurate when you turn the stirring wheel?

    4 replies

    the steering wheels is accurate. you can setting it in the game

    i have a different kind of crcuit

    Thanks for your reply! :) I'm a great fan of your work.