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    I just made a pipe and I used a metal bowl and find they smoke better. 

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    Nice job, although I found the metal to get too hot!

    Just discovered Sumac Tree trunks and branches have hollow centers. I am seasoning some now and will make some pipe stems from them like the Native Americans did! I will get back and let you know how they turned out. Peace!

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    Yes, Sumac (red berries) for a great Summer Drink (Native Americans get credit), the stems and trunks all have a soft center called "pith". It can be removed easily, with a wire or stick, or whatever is available. I seasoned some in my hot garage and made a pipe stem from one. Nice and light, easily worked, and free! Sumac grows everywhere! Look it up on Wickopedia, and the leaves, when dried, can be added to your own personal Kinnikinik mixture! Nature is grand! Enjoy!

    I just collected many plant leaves from around my home. Mullein (fuzzy rabbit ears), rose petals, raspberry leaves (i ate the black rasps., yum !), peppermint, spearmint, chocolate mint, anise, lemon balm, sumac (red berries), aromatic cedar, to name a few. Still waiting for Bearberry from up north. When the leaves are dry, I'll grind them up and smoke them. No inhaling, not good for lings! Will report on the outcome later! Peace. Triumphman. 6-30-11 12pm EST

    Just upgraded some steps, please see new tool (Plug Cutter) for easier male end cutting! Thanks.

    Of course for the smoke hole!

    I smoke my pipes to honor those who have gone to the Great Spirit! Peace to all ! (no inhaling -just smelling the rich aroma of Kinnikinick)