Peach Jar Rock Tumbler


Introduction: Peach Jar Rock Tumbler

I saw this well built tumbler on instructables: DIY rock tumbler

And I decided, while nice it could be pared down to little more than a drill and a jar full of sand.

It is decidedly inelegant, but for free-ninety-nine it does the trick!

This is a dirt cheap method for lapidary rock polishing. You can change the media to get different surface finishes. In the vid I use backyard sand and water to remove rust and paint from old steel nails.

-Empty out an old plastic jar

-Drill a hole in the bottom of the jar

-Install a bolt in the hole

-Put the bolt in a variable speed drill

-Adjust the drill's speed to dead slow

-Wait thirty minutes

-Behold the majesty of free sand blasting, polishing, deburring, paint removal, rust removal, e&

The vid is a minute and a half, please watch it for more details.



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    That voice... I think it sounds awfully familiar. :)

    Love the simplicity of it. I'm making my own protein powder now and was looking for a way to mix it up thoroughly. This just might be the trick. Thanks.

    great idea!

    Awesome. Thanks for the idea. I will use this for rust removal mostly. So much easier and cheaper!

    Looks like it'd work pretty good in a pinch, Good Idea.

    Do you think the drill would overheat if you set this up to run for a prolonged period of time? A lot of lapidary (and other) polishing takes up to a week or even longer.

    2 replies

    Quite possibly. I was curious about that, so I ran the set up all day. It does warm up, and the drill doesn't get much cooling because the motor is turning slow.

    I wouldn't run this set up while I wasn't around. Too much to can go wrong, chuck loosening up, drill falling out of vise, etc

    The way I use my rock tumbler to polish rocks has a lot more run time than this video. I would use four different grits and have a run time of 7 days for each grit. I think this could be used for paint removal and rust removal as you say, but you may find the need for way more run time, or an actual grinding material to achieve the look of sand blasting, polishing or deburring.