Peaches and Sausage





Introduction: Peaches and Sausage

Even slightly green peaches are tasty when cooked, especially with sausage.

Step 1: Pan-fry Sausage Patties

Form sausage into small patties and pan-fry in a bit of canola oil. I used italian turkey sausage from Berkeley Bowl.
Keep the heat at medium so you don't burn too much cruft onto the pan, and DON'T wash the pan after you've fried all of your sausage. Set sausage aside to cool.

Step 2: Pan-fry Peaches

Re-coat the pan with a bit more canola oil, then add the peach slices. Flip them (tongs work well) as the bottoms caramelize. The sausage detritus will add tasty bits of flavor.
Transfer cooked peaches to a plate to cool.

Step 3: Stir-fry Veggies

If you need more green for your meal, or need to bulk out breakfast to serve a small army, just stir-fry some vegetables. ewilhelm has lots of tasty breakfast options up.
Here I've got onions, garlic, green beans, bell peppers, mushrooms, and more garlic stir-fried then deglazed with lemon juice. Add spicy seasonings to taste.

Step 4: Arrange and Eat

Arrange your food artistically. Make sure to put the peaches (and any of that tasty juice they've dropped while cooling) on top of the sausages.
Take some serious food-porn pictures, and eat.



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    Those are some weird looking flat sausages...

    if you in the UK, sausage patty is 'lorne sausage' (as invented by the Scots i beleive)

    Those are hand-made sausage patties! I did squish them with the spatula for more even cooking.

    Man, you should do another instructable for that! -HubmaN

    It's pretty simple. Instead of buying preformed sausage you buy it loose. It should be in the meat section at you local grocery store next to the rest of the sausage. In addition to forming your own patties like this (which is basically the same as making burgers) you can use it in stuffing or as part of a meatloaf.

    we had a dinner along these lines recently..we thew a bunch of veggies (green beans, chunks of red onion, sweet potatoes, etc etc, and threw in a few crunchy green pears. we let this roast off with some liquid. (including a bit of wine, pinch of soy, and aromatics) When the veg were nice and tender, we browned off about 5 whole sausages and threw them right atop the veg along with the juices from the sautee pan. I have not experienced such a wonderful combination of flavors in a long long time. With a loaf of crusty walnut levain and a bottle of Temperanillo, this was undeniable.

    Wow, that sounds great! If you do it again please take pictures. I'll have to try a version of it soon. Walnut levain is wonderful, isn't it?

    I'm having it for breakfast on Saturday!!!

    Great! I hope you liked it.

    I have a meat-related tip that doesn't rate its own instruction but is good. To pound chicken breasts flat, use the internal bag from a box of cold cereal. These bags won't shred up like waxed paper and they contain any debris. Plus you're recycling.