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Introduction: Peacock

This stunning new look will draw any man from miles away. (This is not professional work) you will be the amaze in amazing.

Step 1: Materials

Materials:Victoria's secret eye Shadow trio Called envy me. Maybelline volume express, L'Oreal Paris gentle Mineral powder, The color workshop eyeshadows from Walmart, Victoria's Secret starlit blush, ulta extreme wear gel eyeliner, Victoria's Secret color drama Lip shine And also a little eye shadow brush/eyeliner brush

Step 2: The Base

From the shadow trio, the lightest color use as base

Step 3: Foundation

Applied the L'Oreal Paris allover face

Step 4: Eye Liner

Apply on the eye lid and make a peacock shape around the temple.

Step 5: Glitter

Add the colors of your choice in the feathers add a black dot to make it look like a peacock feather and then add the glitter slowly.



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