Picture of Peacock Costume
Hi everyone! This was my costume last year. I got tons of complements and many people asked how I made it. Here is what I did…

Step 1: Step 1

Picture of Step 1
Take a strip of elastic with sequins on it and a blue feather boa. Cut the elastic band so it will comfortably fit around your waist and secure it with a safety pin. Next, pin one end of the boa to the sequin strip and loop it up and down, attaching the boa to the elastic band with small safety pins. See photo below for better understanding:
ptrobrn10 months ago

but.... those feathers are male peacock feathers... lol... just saying.

This is gorgeous!
shellycaron2 years ago
Thanks for posting! I love how creative yet simple this is! I look forward to more projects :)

- Michelle