It recently occurred to me at work that magnets and some sort of steel could easily be combined to make a brooch. It took me a couple more days of thinking to realize many foods come in steel cans... and then we were off! (to the hardware store, since I possessed no tin snips...)

Supplies You Need:
(optional: galvanized wire or a paperclip you don't mind ruining)

Tools You Need:
Safety Goggles
Tin Snips
Flat-faced Hammer
Files/Sandpaper (optional: rotary tool)

Step 1: Planning the Design

Originally I was going to do something a lot more ornate, as you can tell by my sketch. I realized, however, as this was my first foray into working with metal in this fashion... I should tone it down. Curves got extended, swirls got simplified, and some parts were thickened. Feel free to adjust to your own skill level, of course!

The rectangular shape was originally approximately what size I wanted the brooch. Obviously it got a bit bigger than I'd wanted, but still of a nice, wearable size.

I used a permanent marker to draw on the inside of my opened can/sheet of metal and got out the safety goggles and tin snips.

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