Picture of Peacock Necklace Tutorial
5 peacock eye feathers
Glue Gun
Stiff Felt (the kind you buy by the square)
Thread that matches felt
Old chain necklace (if you don’t have an old chain necklace you can purchase new chain and findings in most craft stores)
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Step 1: Trim feathers

Picture of Trim feathers
Take three of your peacock feathers and trim the wispy eyelash like ends off of the rounded top and cut off the stem just below the “eye” (see fig. 1).

Step 2: Arrange feathers

Picture of Arrange feathers
Arrange the feathers similar to fig. 2a on top of the piece of paper. Carefully trace around the feathers. When you remove the feathers place them to the side in the exact order you had them on your paper pattern.

Step 3: Make pattern

Picture of Make pattern
Take the pencil and draw a line inside the current outline that follows the shape of the original outline. Your new “inside” pattern should be about an eighth of an inch (give or take) from the original “outside” line. Cut out the “inside” pattern shape.

Step 4: Cut base

Picture of Cut base
Use the cut out paper pattern to cut out the felt backing. Place feathers on top of the felt to make sure that you can’t see any of the felt when the feathers are in position. Trim the felt if necessary.

Step 5: Add chain

Picture of Add chain
Take the chain and place the middle center aligned with the top center of the felt (see fig.5a). Sew the chain in place. Next take the chain and move one side to the left top corner and sew in place, repeat with right side (fig. 5b).
kathykkw3 years ago
It reminds me of an owl :P
Adorable idea!
poofrabbit3 years ago
This is very cute! Nice job!