Picture of Peacock feather boutonniere
I wanted to make something for my date to a formal that complemented a peacock feather headband I was planning to wear. Hence, the peacock feather boutonniere!

Very nice pop of color, but still masculine.

Step 1: Gather materials

Picture of Gather materials
Gather materials or, as in my case, have your obliging mother go out to the craft store and mail them to you.

All of these items were found in a craft store.

- peacock feather
- wire bundle (for base of boutonniere - try to find a false floral stem)
- ribbon
- floral tape
- 2-3 straight pins
- hot glue gun and glue
- wire cutters
- scissors
- extra embellishments (I used more feathers, colored brads, and mirrored floral decorations)

I had a treasure trove in a peacock feather spray. It provided four extra peacock feathers (just in case), smaller feathers in complementary colors, and a length of bundled floral wire for the boutonniere base. I highly recommend looking for something similar.
Jobar0072 years ago
If you wanted to make "spears" of your own, take a wing feather that you like the color on, split the feather down the spine very carefully with a hobby knife or scalpel. You should get two "spears" from them: a thin and a thick. You can vary the thickness on each side given the type of feather (Primary have a greater contrast to Secondary have a greater contrast to Covert).

Awesome idea and I think I'm going to make a few different styles for myself and matching headbands/corsages for my wife!
bstrachota (author)  Jobar0072 years ago
What a great idea!

I would love to see what you put together.
One thing I forgot to mention is that you can change the color of Peacock feathers to a copper color by leaving the feather out in the sun. Fly fishermen do it all the time when tying up a brown colored nymph fly when they still need the flash of peacock but not the blues.
bstrachota (author)  Jobar0071 year ago
That's so funny -- just a couple days after you posted this (I forgot to comment at the time), I saw a brown peacock feather fly in a shop! I would have been wondering where in the world they got a brown peacock if you hadn't posted this. :)
sunshiine2 years ago
Very clever! Thanks for sharing!
Awesome,bro!Brofist to you!
I love the look of peacock feathers! Wonderfully done :)
and I love the way you swooped those blue feathers in front!