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Here is a delicious peahonana sandwich, made of  peanut butter, banana, and honey, with chocolate chips.

Step 1:

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Here is what you will need, Peanut butter, a small banana, honey, two slices of bread, chocolate chips, a knife and a spoon. And something to toast the bread.

Step 2:

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Toast  the bread, and cut into quarters if desired.
Spread  peanut butter on one side.

Step 3:

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Slice banana and cover the peanut buttered side  with it.

Step 4:

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Drizzle on honey and add  the chocolate chips.

Step 5:

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Slap on the top.
You can also grill your sandwich after it is made, or heat in the microwave, to make it melt.
Hope you enjoy it!!


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