Peanut Butter – Home Made





Introduction: Peanut Butter – Home Made

For a long time I’ve dreamed to try a peanut butter recipe.

It is easy, fun and delicious!

Step 1: Ingredients

- 300 grams peanuts in shell;

- four spoons of olive oil;

- one tea spoon of salt.

Step 2: The Peelling

After a manually peeling, I obtained ~ 220 grams of peanuts.

Step 3: The Butter

I put the peanuts in a blender and ground them very well.

After that, I added the oil and the salt and ground again, till

the composition became creamy.

At the end, I’ve put the composition in a glass jar.

Easy, isn’t it?

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    Looks very easy for creamy peanut butter. Any suggestions how to make chunky peanut butter?

    Hand chop some additional peanuts and mix in by hand until it is chunky enough for you.

    It is easy! I am not sure if I understood correctly the word "chunky" , but if you want more creamy, I suppose you can add another quantity of oil. But it is possible to feel the taste of olive. I am not sure will be ok. Maybe you try on a small quantity of peanuts, to discover your favorite butter taste.