Step 13: Whipped cream

Lastly, add the whipped cream to the peanut butter filling and mix it in thoroughly.
<p>OMG! My brain gained 5lbs while reading your recipe. My brothers will LOVE it. I will give it a try after making the home made peanut butter cups to go in it. Might offer coffee and a diabetic test strip with each slice though. nom nom nom....</p>
OMG!!! This is like Peanut Butter to the 9th power! I LOVE it!! <br> <br>(How can anything with peanutbutter in it be bad for you? it cant, it just cant be!)
wow. It looks very delicious. I will try it.
Oh wow! When visiting my parents, this is definitely something we'll do together. <br>Thank you so much, it looks delicious!
Mmmmmm.... :P <br> <br>Peanut butter cups should be a food group. Nice job!
I've eaten some of this - it really is a dense, deadly brick of tastiness delivered directly to your head.
I'd eat that! ;-)
This looks phenomenal!!!!!!!

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