How to Fill a White Page





Introduction: How to Fill a White Page

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Very cool but does it do crunchy peanut butter? :)

I'm quite sure, but only if you put it in the microwave first! ;)

Several empty caulk tubes at amazon. Don't know if they are food grade, but I'd take them over cleaning out a used silicone cartridge. :-)

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger - but thanx for the tip ;)

You do know they sell peanut butter in tubes? As well as refillable peanut butter tubes?

I really do like this instructable though, when trying to make a bunch of sandwiches I will use your method.

Thank you for the great idea!

Think I'd just get a jerky gun over cleaning silicone tubes

A jerky gun?! I had to look on the net what that thing looked like - never seen in Europe! Okay, you guys overseas you took the old world in speed for this time...

I have buddies in the UK, Germany, and Japan that make jerky. Not sure where they got theirs but I know they have them. Sorry tho it never crossed my mind you might be in an area where its something impossible to get. Even then you can get a cake frosting bag and use that over something that's questionable food grade.