DUDE.... I eat lots of peanut butter.  Rarely do I eat Hippie Steaks (aka PB&J).  This instructable is more of a guide on how to make THE BEST PEANUT BUTTER IN THE WORLD.  The "pizza" is one of a few ways I munch on peanut butter.  I also spread it in pita bread and jam some sliced  banana in with it or I just eat it plain.
* This "recipe" is fast and off the hip!  The ingredients are "measured" to taste and change with each brand.

Step 1: Ingredients

1. crunchy peanut butter.
2. honey.
3. raisins.
4. granola....this happens to be a local honey almond flavor.
5. pita bread.

Step 2: Store Brand Crunchy Peanut Butter

Using an old peanut butter jar, put a couple big scoops of your store brand peanut better in.
*I use a old peanut butter jar because the mouth is wide and MUCH easier to mix in.

Step 3: Raisins

Drop a good handful of raisins in there....don't be shy!

Step 4: Granola

Add your granola. Use a bit less as you did raisins because this will dry out your finish product.

Step 5: Honey

Add honey to taste but too much honey gets runny and it's not funny!
The idea is to add moisture back over the dry granola.

Step 6: Mix It Up

With one hand get a good grip on the jar.  Using a butter knife, in the other hand, get in to the bottom and mix thoroughly.   Once you have it mixed, give it a taste.  Add to it to get the desired taste you like.  I have been known to add a multitude of other items. Such as sunflower seeds, almonds, chocolate chips, coco mix,  smashed candy bars..................the possibilities are endless!

Step 7: The "pizza"

Cut up pita bread into slices.  Give a dab of your peanut butter to each slice.  Put on a plate and serve.
 this instructabule has made my lunch, hear i am just checking my mail, and who ho a new subscriber, so i click your name and Thayer it is "peanut butter pizza" my peanut butter jar has been staring at me every time i walk past is but i don't like peanut butter alone . ^.^
<br /> Don't you know that's peanut butter neglect.<br />
lol... I shamed my husband into surrendering a jar of unopened Skippy (creamy) yesterday. <br><br>The freshness expires in October, so I see quite a few PB recipes in the very near future. <br><br>Thanks for the inspiration!
I take old food bank PB and cook with the oil on top..... then I still can put life into it. Next time he questions your use, let the jar find a frontal lobe (just kidding). On a side note: I call a PB&amp;J sandwich a &quot;hippy steak&quot;!
Hook 'em horns!<br />
Yes, there is a lot of that around here!<br />
&nbsp;am i the omly one that thinks that is dirty?
Dare I ask..........<br /> What is dirty?<br />
&nbsp;&quot;hok em horns&quot;
<a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hook_%27em_Horns" rel="nofollow">en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hook_%27em_Horns</a><br /> Its a TEXAS&nbsp;thing.<br />
Delish!!<br />

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