Peanut Candies (Irresistible!)

video Peanut Candies (Irresistible!)
You only need three ingredients and some minutes to prepare this delicious candies for your children. These candies are known as Garrapiñadas
MMMMMMMMMMMM... rico, rico, no tenía la receta de la garrapinhada, gracias!!!. Tu gato se parece a mi Chimoltrufia...
Translated: MMMMMMMMMMMM...rich, rich, it did not have the recipe of the garrapinhada, thank you!!!. Your cat looks alike to my Chimoltrufia...
I used Google Translator.
ninja_maker5 years ago
i bet if u add cinnamon to it it will taste like the ones u get at fairs
 Is there anyway to make these spicy as well as sweet? I was thinking of putting some chili powder in with the peanuts to see if that works with it. 
marcelo7300 (author)  Theslowrunner5 years ago
Let me know if it worked!
Nova_Logic5 years ago
How long do these keep? I want to make them now and keep em stored til xmas. Will they still taste great and fresh after a week or so?
marcelo7300 (author)  Nova_Logic5 years ago
You can also frozen them... I used to eat these candies frozen when I was younger
marcelo7300 (author)  Nova_Logic5 years ago
YES! Surely you can make them now and eat them on xmas!!
Lance Mt.6 years ago
Hey, could i try putting honey, golden syrup, mayple syrup or stuff in it?
marcelo7300 (author)  Lance Mt.5 years ago
Yes, you can add some honey  but you should replace the suggar
reshadar6 years ago
Can you make this with Splenda instead of sugar?
marcelo7300 (author)  reshadar5 years ago
I haven't tried buy I don't think it will work
Lance Mt.6 years ago
Mmmmmmmmmmmm -Mmmmm, Chris
superdry6 years ago
I've just made some with some cashew nuts... absolutly delicious! Thank you for the 'ible!
marcelo7300 (author)  superdry6 years ago
I imagine! Can you please rate the instrutable if you liked it? :) Thanks
Just made batch of these for my Spanish class project. They are very delicious!
marcelo7300 (author)  Spl1nt3rC3ll6 years ago
I am glad you like them
bobhill1256 years ago
seems good and you have a cat
marcelo7300 (author)  bobhill1256 years ago
yes :D
A lovely and inspiring video.
Mr. Rig It7 years ago
Now roll them in some melted chocolate and you will have... M&M's Good video.
marcelo7300 (author)  Mr. Rig It7 years ago
mmmmm seems tasty :D
nice. almost like a praline. I'd suggest waiting to add the nuts until just before the sugar caramelizes. that way you have a clearer view of the color of the sugar. this tip will help anyone who has had a problem with burning them. otherwise, great instructible. try adding a little Cinnamon to them. tastes great. so yeah. keep up the good work.
marcelo7300 (author)  WesDoesStuff7 years ago
Thanks for your comment. The peanuts have to be added from the beginning because I used raw peanuts, so they have to be toasted with the heat of the sugar. This is different to praline where you have then to crush the result I think. If you add the peanuts after the sugar caramelizes, you possible get a kind of nougat and you don't get the texture that is got with this recipe. I haven't try with cinnamon, I've try with vanilla. That's a good idea!!! I will try it thanks :D