Hi folks, this is my first instructable. But nothing much to instruct about...:P

Its a peanut butter + chocolate cup.
Started off with some leftover stuff at the freezer..


1. Left over chocolates (You can use any amount for your taste)
2. Peanut butter
3. Small amount of sugar


1. One yogurt cup (can use any holder for the cup)
2. Spoons
3. Pan on gas oven (to heat up the chocolate and peanut butter)

Step 1: How to Make It

Well gather all the stuff. Another instructable said to have some icing sugar but I didn't have them.(mom was not at home)

Heat up the chocolates. You may or may not have to grate the chocolates to make it easier to melt..
Heat up the peanut butter.

Amounts of both these are of your choice coz its based on how much you need to "devour".

Take your cup and put a  polythene inside to make it easier to remove the yummy after freezing.
Pour the chocolate layer to the bottom. Keep it there for a while to adjust and become more harder..(2mins enough)

Then goes the peanut butter layer....(wait 2mins)

Finally the choco layer...Yumm.....

Sweeeet. This looks good!

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