video Pear Bowl
This is a small hunk of pear crotch with a large crack and exposed bark. The wood was from a co-workers fallen pear tree. I took the whole thing and will have pear projects for many moons.

The green wood was rough turned in July, it has dried enough for a final turning.

Totally size was about 7" or so. Finished with shellac
shonlh12 months ago
I would think the split in the wood would catch the blade and cause lots of problems
kludge77 (author)  shonlh12 months ago
it can, you have to really be careful around that part and take light cuts.
Awesome work. A lathe is the one tool my shop is missing.
kludge77 (author)  antagonizer12 months ago
Thank you. My lathe is the main reason I can't get anything else done in the shop!