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Introduction: Pear Bowl

About: Come spend some time in the shop. I'm a hobbyist woodworker and professional computer geek in Northern California. I guess my projects will vary widely, and I have no clue what I plan to make next...

This is a small hunk of pear crotch with a large crack and exposed bark. The wood was from a co-workers fallen pear tree. I took the whole thing and will have pear projects for many moons.

The green wood was rough turned in July, it has dried enough for a final turning.

Totally size was about 7" or so. Finished with shellac



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    I would think the split in the wood would catch the blade and cause lots of problems

    1 reply

    it can, you have to really be careful around that part and take light cuts.

    Awesome work. A lathe is the one tool my shop is missing.

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    Thank you. My lathe is the main reason I can't get anything else done in the shop!